Reema Tajdar, LAC

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Reema Tajdar, LAC


Every individual's experience is unique, and I am dedicated to understanding your perspective. My role is not to judge or impose solutions but to collaborate with you in finding the path that best suits your life. Empathy, respect, and confidentiality are all key components of my approach.

With 5 years of counseling experience, I have worked with people from various backgrounds, helping them through various challenges. I use a mix of proven methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and person-centered therapy. I adjust my approach to meet your unique needs and goals, making sure our work together is effective and meaningful.

I studied psychology as an undergrad and have completed the coursework for a PhD in counseling, and currently completing the final chapter of my dissertation. Healing and personal growth happen at your own pace so no rush, no pressure. Together, we'll discover your strengths, pinpoint the stuff to work on and make progress toward your personal goals.